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How to Reduce Child Support in Arizona

Thankfully, most parents want the best for their children. They understand that, if they earn a lot more than the other parent, they’re going to have to pay child support. In fact, parents should want to pay child support. It’s important that your kids have everything they need. Since you’re no longer the primary parent, you aren’t paying for the day-to-day expenses. This is what child support is for. There are times, however, when you may need reduced child support.

If something happens and you can no longer afford to pay your child support, you should talk to a divorce lawyer in Arizona. They can file a motion on your behalf. This motion will be sent to the other parent or their lawyer. They’ll get a chance to file a response. Once the court has both documents, they’ll set a motion hearing date and the judge will make their decision regarding support.

Your Divorce Lawyer in Arizona Will Have to File a Motion

Just because your Arizona divorce attorney files a motion for reduced child support, that doesn’t mean it will be granted. The judge still has to look at the circumstances of your case. If things have changed significantly since the judge last ordered child support, you may get reduced child support. Just be careful your income supports your request.

What Factors Will the Court Consider in a Motion for Reduced Child Support?

You can’t judge file a motion asking for reduced child support. You need to have a good reason. Typically, the court limits these sorts of motion to when there has been a significant change in circumstances. For example, if your ex has gotten a new job and is earning twice what she used to, you may be entitled to reduced child support. The same is true if one of your children turn eighteen (18) and has no plans to go to college.

Some of the things the court will take into account are:

  • The income of both parties when child support was ordered
  • The current income for both parents
  • Whether any of the children have turned 18
  • If there has been a significant change in the custody arrangement
  • Any other impactful change that warrants a recalculation of child support

Even if the judge agrees that support should be lowered, there’s no guarantee it’ll be reduced by all that much. Reduced child support will still depend on the child support guidelines. Your Arizona divorce lawyer will plug the new numbers into the formula and let you know what the new support amount should be. This is the same thing the judge will do when he reviews your motion.

Talk to a Seasoned Divorce Lawyer in Arizona Today

If you are considering divorce or are having issues with child support, you need help. The law in Arizona can be complicated when it comes to reduced child support. The best thing to do is hire an experienced divorce lawyer in Arizona to handle this for you. It’s not as if you can file a new motion every two months and try to convince the judge that you deserve reduced child support. You can only file this sort of motion when there has been a significant change in circumstances.

Rather than risk having your motion dismissed, talk to a skilled Arizona divorce attorney sooner rather than later. They’ll make sure your motion is filed properly. They can also give you an idea as to whether you can get reduced child support. Call today and schedule your initial consultation.

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