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Calculating Alimony in Arizona

Calculating Alimony in Arizona - AZ Divorce Attorney AZFLS

There is no specific calculation that is used in the state of Arizona for appropriate alimony amounts. Here are several steps that the courts will use to determine the length and amount of alimony to be paid. The courts may also refer to alimony as spousal maintenance in Arizona. The legal representation for the spouse seeking the alimony must prove sets of circumstances before the courts will proceed with the case.

Four Things to Prove for Alimony Eligibility

The spouse and their legal counsel must prove four things to the court when they are petitioning for alimony. Spouse and their representation can prove any of the following:

Once the spouse and their counsel have proven the existence of one of the four factors that exist, the courts will then move on to the next step of calculating the duration and amount of alimony required.

13 Factors Considered by the Court

After the court is shown the spouse meets one of the four eligibility factors for alimony, they will further investigate an additional 13 factors to help them determine alimony.

Hiring Legal Representation for Alimony

When you need help making your case for alimony in the state of Arizona, you need to obtain legal counsel with a family law lawyer who understands the laws associated with alimony. These lawyers can help you sufficiently prove your case and obtain the alimony that you are requesting due to the separation or dissolution of marriage that has left you unable to provide.

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