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Family Law Tips According to Arizona Law Professionals

Family Law Tips According to Arizona Law Professionals

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When you said “I do”, you thought it would be forever. Yet, many couples end up filing for divorce. This is a complex legal, financial and emotional procedure, as any family law attorney knows. Assets, heirlooms, children and pets have to be divided by the two spouses, according to Arizona law.

In these heightened emotional times, it is easy to lose sight of the big picture and your long term interests. You may be tempted to take certain actions, which you believe would benefit your family law case. In reality, you will obtain the contrary result: you will lose much more than you would have, if you abstained from doing these things. In our experience with Arizona law, divorces can get very messy for the following reasons:

1. One of the Parties Attempts to Hide Assets

Your family law attorney has already informed you of the Arizona law requirements concerning the division of common property. At this point, some people will try to hide various assets, especially money, financial instruments and valuables. Of course, if you have separate property, you are legally entitled to keep it after the divorce.

They believe that they can outsmart their spouse’s attorney by moving these assets to another physical location or by transferring them digitally. However, every action you take leaves a trace. And Arizona law does not look kindly upon spouses who try to hide assets. The judge will form an unfavorable opinion of your character even before the trial start.

Our advice as experienced family law attorneys is this: never try to hide assets, because you will not be successful and it will hurt your case.

2. Acting Spitefully Towards the Other Spouse

Sometimes, a family law case will go on for months, because the spouses act spitefully towards each other. They try to delay the proceedings by any means or they attempt to hold on to various items that have a deep sentimental value for the other party.

Arizona law does not put a time limit to settlement negotiations or other proceedings. However, as your family law attorney can tell you, each day of delay will cost you. In the end, you will realize that you have very few financial assets to split and will forever live with the memory of the undignified way in which your marriage ended.

3. Attempting to Turn Children against the Other Parent

Child custody battles can be very bitter sometimes. Spouses appear to forget that children are not mere assets, but little human beings who can be left traumatized by these events. The worst case scenario, condemned by Arizona family law, is the attempt to turn children against the other parent in order to obtain their full custody.

Judges and child psychologists involved in divorce proceedings where there are children will see through these tactics. The actual result is likely a decision that will give you less parenting time with your children than what you would have been entitled to. Any Arizona law practitioner will advise you to put your children’s interests first and your bitter feelings to rest.

4. Hurrying Up to Get the Divorce Finalized

Any family law attorney understands that you want to put the past behind you and focus on rebuilding your life. However, you should not put your divorce procedure on fast forward, just to be over and done with it.

You must analyze the settlement you are about to sign carefully and consider how these decisions will impact your life not only now, but maybe 5 or 10 years later. You should never negotiate or analyze the settlement proposal without your Arizona law attorney present. Once you sign, it is nearly impossible to go back and change anything.

5. Allowing the Judge to Decide for You

Family law judges are fair and experienced. But they are also incredibly busy. Thus, you should not burden them with the task of deciding on the disposition of your assets, your children’s custody, and child support payments. Discuss your wishes to your family law attorney and let them negotiate with your spouse’s attorney.

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