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 From divorce matters to child custody cases to adoptions, our Phoenix family law attorneys will work to understand all facets of your individual family law case and supply you with competent, quality representation during the duration of your case. 

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    Our Areas of Practice

    Contact us today to set up a complimentary initial consultation with a Arizona Family Lawyer and Divorce Attorney to talk about any of the family law matters listed below.

    Divorce in Arizona- AZ Divorce Attorney

    Divorce Law

    When marriages end, we provide we legal representation for both collaborative and contested divorce matters..
    Mediation in Arizona


    Professionals from AZ Family Law Team can oversee your conflict and help you come to a mutually acceptable agreement…
    Mediation in Arizona


    Our attorneys will fight to obtain the monthly maintenance necessary to maintain your financial security..
    Alimony in Arizona - AZ Divorce Attorney AZFLS

    Child Support

    Our attorneys at AZFLS can assist in obtaining fair and timely support orders and enforcing previously obtained orders…
    Child Custody - Arizona Divorce Attorney

    Child Custody

    We will fight to protect your relationship with your child and advocate for your desired custody arrangement…
    Mediation in Arizona

    Parenting Time

    We at AZFLS always fight for our clients to provide the noncustodial parents with the best opportunity to spend quality time with their children.


    Family Law Legal Services

    At AZ Family Legal Services, we understand that legal representation is not one size fits all. We understand that our clients are individuals, having different expectation and desires with regards to their legal representation. This is why we offer family law legal services in a variety of different capacities, as shown below.

    Mediation in Arizona

    1. Full Representation

    Formal and complete legal representation with regards to all aspects of your case, including legal consulting, preparation and filing of documents, and hearing and trial representation. While this is the most expensive option, it also provides clients with the best possible legal representation.
    Legal Consulting Arizona

    2. Legal Consulting

    We will consult with you and provide our legal opinion with regards to various aspects of your case. This option is best for those clients who wish to represent themselves, but would like to review their option with an experienced attorney.

    3. Limited Scope

    We will represent you in those specific and defined aspects of your case that you are not comfortable handling on your own. This is a cost-effective alternative for those clients comfortable handling certain aspects of their case without an attorney.
    Alimony in Arizona - AZ Divorce Attorney AZFLS

    4. Pay-As-You-Go

    This is a cost effective option that allows clients to pay as they go for services rendered instead of having to relinquish a large retained payment up front.


    Success Stories

    We have helped thousands of clients successfully navigate their family law matter.

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